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How wonderful would be if we felt like this, every work day. That may sound ridiculous, some fantasy like the for ever happy life style photo you see on social media but happy employees mean greater productivity, are less likely to leave and you are able to attract the best talent.

There is a paper “Happiness and Productivity” – University of Warwick which proves this. Others have found this out already and make it part of the mission of the company.

SAFe is a scaling methodology and in their documentation this is also referenced in terms of motivation. They thought it so important they made it one of their principles. Principle #8 “Unlock the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers”. Provide Autonomy with Purpose, Mission and Minimum Possible Constraints.

With Agile there is the potential to make your teams happy and more productive. There is a big push towards collaboration, building trust improving communication, sharing a vision, removing the blame culture and solving problems collectively. Unsurprising these are also things that make people happy.